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Knitted Afghan

The Artist

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Lee Sigler, the fiber artist: I began indulging in fiber arts when I was around eight and tried my hand at embroidery, knitting, sewing, painting, sculpting, carving, and beadwork.

I focused on knitting and sewing clothing but over the years added quilting, jewelry, and beadwork. I continue to knit, bead, quilt and create jewelry. I also design and create patterns.

The collector, researcher and writer: I was lucky enough to inherit creative capabilities and an appreciation of travel and other cultures from both parents. Additionally, I inherited colleting genes from both of them.

I have cultivated an appreciation for the art created by women over the centuries that – because they were women – was never recognized as art. As a world traveler, I have had the opportunity to see many cultures that create fiber arts - clothing, household items, art, and jewelry.

Collecting first led me into the world of antiques – both full size furniture and miniatures for dollhouses. While living in Europe, I discovered and began collecting antique and vintage lace, jewelry, fabric, beads, and beadwork. I now have hundreds of examples of beadwork from the 1600s through the first half of the twentieth century. My beadwork collection has provided the motivation for researching the use of, the construction of, and the patterns for applied beadwork.

The person: Despite the time constraints of simultaneously raising a daughter and a son on my own and working a high profile job, I’ve never lost my sense of curiosity about the world – both the natural world and people and their cultures. I spend time outdoors – gardening, skiing, hiking, and just walking. The natural world has provided much of my inspiration for color in my designs. I’ve always made time for my creative side – building furniture, restoring antiques, embroidery, knitting, quilting, beadwork, and jewelry.

My Art


My inspiration? Other quilters – particularly Kitty Pippen for her use of Japanese fabrics. Amish women, black women, any women with a creative bent. Fabric - not just the traditional cotton - but unusual fabric, vintage fabric, ethnic fabric, hand-crafted fabric and embellishments

There is such a rich heritage of quilting - from quilted clothing in the sixteenth century to amazing American patchwork from the 1800s to today's contemporary designs that not only stretch the imagination, but stretch your ability to create.

Quilt Santa Crossstitch

I do a lot of cross-stitch embroidery and found quilts to be a fantastic way to display it

Quilt Modern Cat Design

Cat Walk/Girl Talk quilt based on a Kitty Pippen design

Quilt Art Shelter Me.jpeg

Art Quilt 9 Buildings Worldwide "Shelter Me"

Art quilts are a great way to capture a passion, a memory or just an emotion and easily hang it on the wall.


I design and create my necklaces and bracelets with vintage beads, handmade lamp-worked beads, and new beads from around the world.


Each beadwork necklace is a tiny piece of art. They start with a central theme – generally a cabochon or several cabochons. The beads are sewn around and up the edges of the cabochons to frame the cabochon – sometimes three-dimensional or fringe-like.




My inspiration? Nature’s color pallets – sunsets, gardens, new leaves in the spring, and even rock outcroppings! Paintings – particularly Impressionists. And quilt patterns.


Sweaters: My sweaters are jacket or cardigan style with artist created or vintage buttons.


Afghans: Afghans complement any décor and any time of the year. I have focused on ways blend interesting yarns, stretch expensive yarns, and create colors.


Beaded ScarvesWorn like jewelry! These scarves are knitted and then the fringe is beaded and netted.




My inspiration? The many young girls and women who have done needle work and beadwork.

L Necklace fossil detail.jpg
Blue lampwork .jpeg
Floral Garden.jpeg
Under The Sea .jpeg
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Quilt Bead Embroidery eggs.jpeg
Doll House Rug.jpeg
Picture Art Noveau beaded.jpeg
Afghan stack b.jpg

Pendant Dicro Glass with
Bead Embroidery

Pendant Charoite Cabichon with Bead Embroidery

Pendant Ammonite Cabichon with Bead Embroidery

Lampwork Art Bead and Glass Floral Fringe Necklace

Lampwork Seashell Bead and Stone, Ceramic, Metal, and Pearl Necklace

Lampwork Graduated Beads Necklace

Sweater Cardigan with Collar

Blended Yarn Afghans

Knitted Beaded Scarves

Doll House Rug Bead Embroidery

Quilt Frame for Bead Embroidery Easter Eggs

Picture Art Nouveau Bead and Silk Embroidery

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