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Image by Obby Rh






Each beadwork necklace is a tiny piece of art. They start with a central theme – generally a cabochon or several cabochons which are attached to ultra-suede. The beads are sewn around and up the edges of the cabochons to hold them into place.  Then the embellished design is applied around the cabochon – sometimes three-dimensional or fringe-like. The back is enclosed with a second piece of ultra-suede that is stitched on with beads. The final part is the necklace itself – either attached directly to the pendant or thru a loop on the back of the pendant. They are finished with a gold filled or sterling clasp.

I design and create my necklaces with vintage beads, handmade lampworked beads, and new beads from around the world.

Worn like jewelry! These scarves are knitted and then the fringe is beaded and netted. The scarves can be worn draped around the neck with the ends hanging in the front. Or - my favorite way - folded in half, draped around the neck and the ends inserted thru the loop formed when the scarf is folded. It looks more like a tie this way and is secure around the neck.



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